Clutch Plate Mk 2

Clutch Plate, exchange ...£30

Clutch Release Bearing

Clutch Carbon Release Bearing £26

Clutch Cover & Plate. Mk one

Clutch Cover & Clutch plate Quality LAYCOCK Mk One 5 1/2" dia...early models.....£60

Clutch Master Cylinder

Clutch Master Cylinder 0.625 bore. fits all Imps £45

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Clutch Slave Cylinder. £35... 3/8" pipe thread size... A step up pipe adaptor may be needed for your std 7/16 " thread size flexy pipe.....£7

Clutch Slave Cylinder Flexy Aeroquip pipe

Clutch Slave Cylinder, Flexy Aeroquip pipe...£30... these last much longer now & gives better feel in clutch pedal operation.... original old rubber types not always readily available now....& can cause problems internally...breaking up !

Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kit

Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kit 0.625....£12

Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair Kit

Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair Kit £7

Transaxles... Overhauled Transaxle unit

Transaxles. Overhauled Rebuilt Mk2 /3 later spec Transaxle ...£450--£ ....... Transaxles rebuilt as required £250 & large stock of transaxle parts in & used.....please ask

Transaxle main oil seals

Transaxle oil seals. driveshaft seals £8 pair & input seal £3 ....other selector shaft seals available, please ask.

Clutch input shaft bronze spigot bush

Clutch input shaft bronze spigot bush...£8

Rotoflex Drive Couplings

Rotoflex Drive Couplings.... Std type NEWLY made stock £40 each, not autojumble old naff stock !........ Also have Heavy Duty Competition Type £110 each ....competition heavy duty Lotus type in right hand photo

Driveshaft Coupling Nuts & Bolt set of 6

Driveshaft Coupling Nuts & Bolt set of 6 £18.......some good used sets also available with new nyloc nuts

Driveshaft Universal Joints

Driveshaft Universal Joints with circlips
£15 each

Driveshaft Rear Hub Lockwashers

Driveshaft Rear Hub Lockwashers 8 pair.....on left in pic

Driveshaft assembly with new u/j fitted

Driveshaft assembly, std 7/8" shaft, with new u/j fitted. exchange normally if possible ?.

Transaxle Mountings

Transaxle Mountings, original spec, but better & heavy duty, sold in pairs £70

Gearlever Nylatron Ballcup

Gearlever centre Pivot Nylatron Ballcup

Transaxle output drive shafts

transaxle output drive shaft...NEW 40