Cylinder Heads, various NEW bare std heads

Cylinder Heads, various NEW bare std Mk 1 & 2 heads & L4 heads. ask for latest stock of many heads in latest build state to date. built up to your needs ? please ask.
ask for prices

Cylinder Heads, overhauled, complete with valves,etc

Cylinder Heads,Mk 1 & 2''s overhauled, complete with valves,etc some built with cam & carrier ,ready to fit.ask for more info


Pistons,with rings etc, Std 875cc & very few various oversizes...Ask re stock ?

Pistons 930cc 70mm bore

Pistons with rings, 930cc, 70mm bore + a few 70mm piston ring sets available....please ask re stock

Crankshaft Main Bearings & Big End bearings & Camshaft Bearings

Crankshaft Main Bearings,Big End Bearings, various sizes + few Camshaft Bearings available ?...ask for latest prices & stocks....

Locktab-washer Set, full engine set

Tabwasher Set, full engine set. £15

Timing Chains

Timing Chain, Standard £15......Heavy duty £24

Exhaust valves, Mk2 & Sport

Exhaust valves, Mk2, L4 & Sport. £10

Inlet Valves, std Mk2 & Sport / Stiletto

Inlet Valves, std Mk2 £8 & larger dia Sport / Stiletto valves £15 very few sport ones left now

Valve Springs, Std & Sport doubles

Valve Springs, Std £15 & Sport double springs £30

Valve Guides,bronze

Valve Guides bronze only, set of 8 £65

Head Gasket rebuild set

Head Gasket general rebuild set,£30

Sump gasket set for lower engine

Sump gasket set of gaskets & t/c seal for lower engine. no rear main bearing hockey sticks

Engine Gaskets

all engine gaskets & locktabs available seperately....please ask

Oil Drain pipe head to block

Oil Drain pipe head to block, new flexible type for 875cc block only now, with Head adaptor,block Banjo Bolt & Seals included as in the photo...... 35

Engine Mounting rubber bush

Engine Mounting rubber bush £35 & also available fitted in Ali Housing. £55 outright..... or exchange if required £45

Oil Filters

Oil filter element,std type 6...... & screw on cartridge oil filters 8......std air filters 6

Engine Mounting Ali housing, fitted with new bush.

Engine Mounting Ali housing, fitted with new mounting bush....£55

Newly linered 875cc block to 998cc

Newly linered 875cc sport block with matching timimg cover & New 5/8" pistons / rings etc..& ready to be built up yourself...950